Wall Drawing Commission: Park Map, Knole House 2015

Wall Drawing Commission: Park Map, Knole House

In spring 2015 I was commissioned by Muf Architecture Art and The National Trust to develop a new map of the deer park surrounding Knole House for the new Visitor Welcome room.

Working closely with the landscape historian Camilla Beresford, Muf Architecture Art, graphic designer Axel Feldmann and the conservation team at Knole House, around thirty historic and contemporary maps were identified, collated and compared. Having identified their salient features, I designed a new map for Knole. This was laid out within a digital file and then finally hand-drawn onto the wall over a two-week period in April.

Things to be found in the park are drawn in black, and things no longer existing drawn in brown.

With thanks to Muf and Rachel Glenn for their assistance in hand-drawing the map at Knole.