First Hand: Fourth Year Elective Course, THE ARCHITECTURAL ASSOCIATION


Project Role: tutor

Project Category: Teaching

I have taught this observational drawing course for 4th year architecture students at the Architectural Association since 2020.

Observational drawing is a method of inquiry that can produce, record and share knowledge. By engaging in the patient, contemplative and open-minded work of close looking, this Elective approaches the task of representation not as an act of replication, but of revelation.

Each week’s session focuses on a different unfamiliar object or material. We include consideration of historic and contemporary drawing practices and expertise from the fields of anatomy, archaeology and geology that similarly seek to reveal and explain. Using hand tools to assist us, we test how our observations might be translated and communicated via a range of drawing media, techniques and drawing projections. By engaging students’ curiosity through seven diverse material case studies, this elective aims to equip students with an improved ability both to see and to draw.