Bronze Length

Bronze Length

cast bronze
dimensions variable (the total length of the edition is 25ft, but within this length it is to be made to order.)
January 2009

‘Bronze Length’ involves a sense of locational specificity, though of a cultural rather than geographical nature. It is a limited edition, but rather than being composed of a number of identically-cast shapes, its edition is its total length of 25 feet, which can be subdivided to order. It can therefore be made to fit the particular specifications of where it will be located. It is made by extruding warm wax through a tactile, hand-sized die. These lengths are then handled into shape, and cast directly into bronze without the need for any mould-making stages. Once all 25 feet are sold, the edition is complete.

Central to the conception of this work and to that of Bronze Ground is the consideration of their ‘afterlives’; of the work changing hands, of their potential incarnations elsewhere. Both necessitate an exchange.