Drawing Workshops: All This Belongs to You, Victoria & Albert Museum 2015

Drawing Workshops: All This Belongs to You, Victoria & Albert Museum

In spring 2015 I was commissioned by Muf Architecture Art to devise four drawing sessions to take place within their installation ‘More Than One (Fragile) Thing at a Time’ in the V&A’s exhibition ‘All of This Belongs to You‘.

V&A Friday Late, 31st March 2015

A Room of One’s Own: Drawing Class with group from Women for Refugee Women, 20th April 2015

V&A Friday Late, 29th May 2015

Drawing Class with group of chaplains from St Joseph’s Hospice, Hackney, 6th July 2015

The following five ‘invitation texts’ were made to accompany the V&A Friday Late, 31st March 2015. One of each was clipped to the numerous drawing boards provided as potential starting points for a drawing session. Each text asks how the soft, low, informal foam seats that Muf installed for the exhibition might have a relationship with the approach taken in making a drawing.

Taking a Position: Five Invitations to Draw

There are many ways to sit, and there are many ways to draw. Muf Architecture Art invites you to get comfortable, and to reconsider how that might affect the way you make a drawing.

1. Touch
In the 17th Century, desks and tables were often covered in rich carpets. How might the haptic quality of your drawing surface affect the feel of your drawing?

2. Apparatus
Intricate viewing devices have been employed by artists since the Renaissance to ensure accurate representations. Is there any position you can take that might give you this accuracy without any tools?

3. Weight
Do the padded wedges allow you to draw for longer? Is comfort a necessary component of concentration, or a distraction from it?

4. Posture
How would you get comfortable if deportment still mattered?

5. Privacy in Public
Do you notice a difference in your way of drawing when you’re alone? Does being watched put you off?”

Text to accompany the V&A Friday Late, 29th May 2015:

Foreshortening, Looking and Forgetting: An Invitation to Draw, Room 50a

Juliet Haysom and muf architecture/art invite you to get comfortable, take a foreshortened point of view and immerse yourself in an audio drawing lesson. Borrowing from the meditative quality of hypnotherapy tapes and the authoritative voices of museum audio guides, it asks how what you know might affect what you see, and consequently what you draw. Taking a particular point of view, might forgetting be the best way to draw something familiar? Find the audio lesson at: