Studio Master, The Architectural Association 2014-ongoing

Discussing students’ drawings representing their journeys from home into the AA as part of the ‘City’ brief, December 2017

Visiting Carlo Scarpa’s garden at Fondazione Querini Stampalia Foundation, Venice, December 2017

Visiting the Orsoni glass factory, Venice, December 2017

Group trip to Venice, December 2017

Students visiting Carlo Scarpa’s Brion Tomb, Altivole, Italy, November 2017

Students studying fragments of the AA’s fabric for their first project, October 2017

Reviewing the year’s work in preparation for Projects Review, June 2016

Making and testing 1:1 models within the AA’s Hooke Park site, March 2016

Investigating structures built within the woodland at the AA’s Hooke Park site, March 2016

Life Drawing Workshop as part of the ‘Body’ brief, March 2016

Preparations for Projects Review, July 2016

Talking to the group during the Foundation trip to Florence, November 2015

Portfolio review and discussion, January 2016

Studio Master: The Architectural Association

I will be teaching for two days a week at the Architectural Association again in 2017-18, this year as a Studio Master for the Foundation Course, and as a First-Year Media Studies tutor.

The AA Foundation course is a one-year introduction to an art and design-based education. It allows students to develop their conceptual ideas through experimenting with a wide range of media and creative disciplines in an intimate studio environment. As students are introduced to a variety of intellectual and process-based approaches, they learn more about themselves: their own interests, passions, aspirations and inspirations. As they gain confidence in their own approach to work, they can readily galvanise their own self-critique, drive and skills to more successfully pursue education in various creative disciplines. Drawing on a number of pedagogical practices, experienced tutors and visiting practitioners, Foundation offers a unique cross-disciplinary education within the context of an architectural school.

The first term provides an introduction to observation, analysis, inspiration and representation. The second term follows with a series of three-week projects allowing students to work in groups, digest the art of constructive critique and develop an understanding of content and context. Projects focus on specific areas of art and design and are complemented by workshops that help students gain the confidence to articulate their work. The conceptual development of each student is supported by the acquisition of specific skills that are immediately applied and practised in context. During the final term, the faculty supports students as they write their own briefs and produce a series of explorations and experiments using knowledge accumulated throughout the year, which takes its final form as their portfolio.

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